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Indian Polity Module for UPSC, State PSCs and Other Competitive Examinations

Indian Polity is the most important and often felt easy amongst the 04-core subjects. It forms the foundation for all the other subjects ahead of preparation. Owing to the easiness of the subject, it is easily understood and helps aspirants form similar ease with other subjects over the preparation journey. However, easy doesn't mean it is just read and understood, but equally demands a deeper understanding owing to its omnipresent activities. Polity is the basis of all nation-states and modern world with varied and diverse systems which are evolving under equally diverse situations. It is essential and all the more necessary to be aware politically, right now, than any other time in the history, of our great country India i.e. Bharat.

Pragma Education launches it's Indian Polity module on 26th January, 2023, on the day India became "Republic" i.e. the day Indian Constitution is enacted and adopted for ourselves in 1950. It is the law of our land which is a result of an intense National Movement for freedom from Britishers. India as a nation-state had achieved many great accolades in the world today which are evident through it's development in all spheres. If you are sceptical, look at our brother neighbours and realize we are far ahead in this "Power" game of the world countries, which was all possible because of the values and ideals enshrined in Indian Constitution. It is a legal document for all puposes, but. otherwise also  concerning the all citizens as it is enacted unto ourselves by us. The module covers extensively all the topics concerning Indian Polity which are crucial in preparation for all competitive examinations in the country.

Mr. Devi Shankar Tumbali is a renowed faculty with over 09 years of experience in teaching Indian Polity for diverse competitive examinations. He employs methods of teaching that help students evolve in the subject by themselves over the period of preparation. The important facts and concepts underlying the topics in Polity are presented in an easy manner for students to follow easily and to gain further grip over the whole subject. 

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