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INGENUITY is a skills module course from Pragma Education.

Everyone in life has dreams, goals and aspire for success in any dimension they choose to. However, too often than not, many people give up on the dreams and pursue what was just possible. In this incredible journey called life, it is few skills that shall help anyone achieve what they aspire for; despite failures, setbacks, dejections etc. in the journey. This journey of life is not a story of existence, but it is a story of BELIEF that one holds for themselves.

This course genuinely helps people achieve such skills that set them apart in any field they choose to start or pursue their careers. The course covers all essential soft skills, communication skills, interview skills, inter-personal skills, public speaking skills, team player skills that encompasses the whole career prospects of aspirants.

The module is a sectional assignment based to gain practical insights into the lessons one learns. In Doubt Clearing Sessions, the assignments can be submitted and improvements sought regularly. Most important of all, this module is an endeavour towards helping student aspirants to sustain their journey, be it for a job, career or anything for that matter. More often than not, one faces failures eventually and that at one stage or another, motivation seems to be lost. These are the areas where we want to focus on. Failure is nothing but a stepping stone to success. But, how it needs to be achieved and all shall be covered elaborately in this module.

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Name of the Class


Introduction to Soft Skills & Types of Soft Skills


Soft Skills- relevance & importance


Communication Skills & Communications Quadrants


Types- Verbal Communication


Non-Verbal Communication


Types of Communication Styles- Assertive Communication


Inspiration & Idea


Dream, Goal, Success & Failure, Coping with Failure


Interview Skills- Theoretical aspects viz., Tell Us About Yourself


Interview Skills- Practical Aspects


Goal Setting & SWOT Analysis


Time Management Skills


Inter-personal skills, Emotional Intelligence, Teamwork & Leadership Skills


Adaptability & Work Ethics

We organize doubt clearing sessions every week and help students interact with trainers and other aspirants pursuing the same module course. Details shall be available in course updates for the aspirants upon student login on

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